Elephant (Alan Clarke, 1989)

Angel and a dead pig
When I was little I spent holidays with my grandmother in the countryside.
I slept in a small room with a dog and a cat. On the wall hung a painting of the Virgin Mary. The house was the smell of heather and apple from a nearby orchard.
I walked to the barn, fed rabbits and admired the beautiful feathers of birds. I watched the tobacco fields and I collected elderberry, which later grandmother preparing compote.
One day I saw something strange and beautiful at the same time. Hanging the body of a pig made ​​a big impression on me. It was a strange feeling to see the living body hanging on a hook, but the picture in my mind amazed me.
The structure of the muscle is staggering and I think Francis Bacon would like to paint me now (and it would be the most expensive painting in the world because I’m beautiful)

Francis Bacon’s studio, facing his easel.
source: scanned from 7 Reece Mews
Tavi <3

i’ve been playing around and trying new things with my scanner :DDD so excited about it. 
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